What must come first and above it all

Recently with a friend and comrade, due to adverse personal and social circumstances, a discussion was centralized around the issue of “relationships”.  Coincidentally a work related contact jumped from discussing technical matters to relationships based on trust and respect for others.  The summary of those discussions came to be that relationships, true meaningful relationships, have either solid foundations in sharing the most important values and principles, or are loosely founded in conflicting values and principles, thus are sort lived and superficial.  It may be a relationship based on family ties, an erotic relationship, an occupational, a friendship, or one in political struggle, but to be a truly significant relationship, values and principles must be shared.  In other words, all relationships are political in nature.  Political in a more general sense but also a more specific as a definition.  Political as in discussing matters we have in common and try to influence others on how we deal with what we have in common. Continue reading “What must come first and above it all”