How has Marxism failed without Marx being wrong

Marx analyzed historical development going back as far as the 13th century, and Marxists have continued to analyze modern capitalism using Marx’s theories.

Marx analyzed the industrialized part of Western Europe and how industrialization evolved. He couldn’t possibly have a wider perspective than his geography and history provided. Marx couldn’t really have foreseen how land use and agriculture may evolve into an industry. Marxists today, blinded by their religious faith, still refuse to explain agriculture as an industry, a capitalist industry. Marx couldn’t possibly have seen how this dictatorship of the “partisan class owners of production” would transform a society of primitive capitalism into a full blown capitalist prison. We can’t blame Marx for what Marxists did. Continue reading “How has Marxism failed without Marx being wrong”


On the illusion of social democracy

Social democracy is dead and has been dead for years. It died back with when the state could dictate and manage its own contained economy. The evolution of the state has no control of the economy, it is in an impossible foreign debt situation, and can take away anything a social-democracy ever established (to maintain social order), on the excuse it is trying to avoid bankruptcy. The evolution of the state has it borrowing from the future (of endless economic development) to keep the wealthy happier today, and the poor more desperate as time passes. It is borrowing from a future that does not exist, from an earth and an ecosystem that has been depleted and is dying. Social democracy was a temporary solution to prevent “state capitalism” (only true anti-communists would call that communism) from expanding to more countries. Continue reading “On the illusion of social democracy”

Neoliberalism and capitalism; what is the difference?

DRAFT of what is to come:

Neoliberalism is the development of capitalism, it is not a different system, it is its evolutionary stage

Capitalists were loosely organized through a nation-state and competed with capitalisms of other states.  Therefore at times of clash there were national wars. Continue reading “Neoliberalism and capitalism; what is the difference?”