How has Marxism failed without Marx being wrong

Marx analyzed historical development going back as far as the 13th century, and Marxists have continued to analyze modern capitalism using Marx’s theories.

Marx analyzed the industrialized part of Western Europe and how industrialization evolved. He couldn’t possibly have a wider perspective than his geography and history provided. Marx couldn’t really have foreseen how land use and agriculture may evolve into an industry. Marxists today, blinded by their religious faith, still refuse to explain agriculture as an industry, a capitalist industry. Marx couldn’t possibly have seen how this dictatorship of the “partisan class owners of production” would transform a society of primitive capitalism into a full blown capitalist prison. We can’t blame Marx for what Marxists did. Continue reading “How has Marxism failed without Marx being wrong”


Class, power, and the environment

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So to avoid beating around the bush, the question is:  “Ok, we have reached the status of a classless society, but not too many can survive in the planet as it has been desertified.  At least in the surface of water and land there are no adequate organic living organisms to sustain human life.  Does class matter?”

The angry mob response from Marxists, “it is up to that working class to solve the problem then, the problem now is that we live in a class dominated society, and this is a priority for us and not the environment” just doesn’t cut it anymore.  It is pure and simple logic that if we massively die worldwide of famine and disease, class liberation will not matter to anyone because there is nobody left. Continue reading “Class, power, and the environment”