This blog serves as a new and fresh beginning

Despite of all my efforts to contribute and work towards collective thinking, discussing, and writing, my efforts have been characterized as a general failure.  The primary reason is not disagreements as you may expect but the luck of time and energy required to produce collective work.  People are happy to spend a structure period of 3-4 hours a week to discuss matters, but refuse to spend 1 hour of writing.  Sometimes disagreements come as an excuse so no work will be expected.  Even in the rare occasion that one is willing to write, while others review and criticize, the role of a single person taking collective work and putting it in paper (figure of speech, who uses it anymore?) this position becomes to hierarchical or perceived as such to continue as a collective based on equality.

So, at some point one, possibly myself, may consider there is too much accumulated from life experience, from collective procedures, from exposure to struggle, that one feels obliged to communicate all this knowledge and experience to the next generation of activists.  One should not take a lifetimes worth of critically scrutinized ideas to the grave.  It is not private property, it belongs to the world, even if it is flawed by one’s specific perception, it may be utilized by others who may make a choice in advance and not repeat a lengthy and tiring procedure.

So this is my time, to begin, as when you struggle you are too busy to write, and what is there to write as every moment in struggle is a moment or redefinition of every single idea and belief in your head?  Therefore, when you give up struggling then you can write the summary of it “all”.  What worked, what didn’t and most importantly the rational reasons why it did and it didn’t.

There is also a sense of responsibility to talk to kids and since our life had been structured to limit this communication, it is best that kids see something specific about what adults said, rather than trying to think or remember an abstract of what they said.  There will come a time where they will need to revert back to what parents said and believed, as a guideline to formulate their own ideas.  So we owe it to put our thinking into written words.  This is the only way the next generations can prevent wasting time and effort trying things that we already know that will not work.

Comments will be open to continue discussion on the topic of the document.  It is very important to keep discussing everything based on rational argument building and lead towards new and stronger arguments.  So if people here debate against what I argue and it leads towards a better understanding of the subject, even when it is evident that I was absolutely wrong, this would be a good thing.  Something that at least I encourage and look forward to.


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